to lanterns, denver, and one last lament
No money, no details. Just concepts.
15:30"Man is defined as a human being and woman as a female – whenever she behaves as a human being she is said to imitate the male." — Simone de Beauvoir  (via funeral)

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Two Wolves By Alana Louise
This picture makes me very sad.
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Karl Blossfeldt
Weberdistel, 1928.
16:45"Galiza foi o primeiro Reino de Europa Occidental: o Reino de Galiza nace no ano 410, cando chegan os suevos e por un pacto con Roma créase o Reino Suevo de Gallaecia. No resto de Europa o Imperio Romano seguirá vixente case cen anos máis, e ningún outro reino se formará durante ese tempo. Os visigodos non entran na Península ata un século máis adiante." — oh shit
17:33 futurejournalismproject:

Q: Today you saw the children lying on the beach. What was it like to see this but be unable to help?
Tyler Hicks: It was clear that these children were beyond help. I was very close to three of the four children who were killed and it was clear that they had been killed instantly. Had there been some way to help them I certainly would have. Because Gaza is so small ambulance crews arrive almost immediately when something happens.
Image: A civilian carries one of four Palestinian cousins killed by an Israeli air strike while playing on a beach in Gaza, by Tyler Hicks via The New York Times. Read the Times’ interview with Hicks about reporting from Gaza. Select to embiggen.

i process newspapers every week day at my library. i’ve seen this tragic culmination of events narrate itself piece by piece through bold-faced headlines, journalistic summaries and even media buzzwords, and seen which major news publications have or have not trimmed down their coverage of the desolution. this picture is the front of the new york times today. this picture really destroyed something in me. really jarred me. i had to put it on the “Today’s Subscriptions” shelf like it was just another photo of local kids at the lake, or a celebrity with a new show premiering this week on VH1, or an American diplomat with another representative shaking hands together over matters of malicious geopolitics, or hell, even a Western criticism of Putin. i had to put this on the shelf, the headlining image of a major united states news publication, as though it wasn’t a photo of two innocently slain palestinian children that people will walk by in every city in every state all across my country seemingly without pause. i put this on the shelf like it would be re-shelved tomorrow. which it will be. 

this machine is cruel. i hate that i live in a country that supplies the israeli government with the billions of dollars apparently required to launch an assault on children playing on the beach or feeding pigeons on the roof. i hate that palestine is not the only country that the US has clandestinely helped purport a genocide in. genocide is my country’s name. i am more sorry than ever. 
17:17 from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free

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